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How Many Will Watch the Season 3 Premiere of "Hard Time" on National Geographic?

Rating based on past performance: Medium
LATEST UPDATE: Did you know that 57% of participants in National Geographic topics lost money because their predictions were too high? "Hard Time" returns to National Geographic Channel for its third season on Tuesday, July 5. The first two season premieres averaged .79M viewers. What will the third season do?
Your Task: Below is a description of an upcoming documentary to be shown on a cable network. Based on the description and past network performance, predict the size of the show’s audience for the premiere episode.
About The Show:
   • Show Status: Returning series
   • Show Type: Reality
   • Season: Summer
   • Air Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2011
   • Regular Time: 10 pm
   • Duration: 60 Minutes
   • Network: National Geographic Channel
   • Cast: TBD
Description: See the “Hard Time” home page. A documentary series profiling prison inmates and officers. In the season premiere, deputy warden for security Cedric Taylor is up early and has called in the head of his special forces, the CERT Team and its K-9 unit, for a surprise shakedown of inmates. This is one of the largest actions the prison can take more than 30 officers blanket the cell house, searching for smuggled contraband, such as drugs, homemade alcohol, and even pets.
Range of Expectations: See below for past performance data at National Geographic Channel. Click here for a larger image.

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joined April 1, 2011

derni904: Posted June 8, 2011
sounds different
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joined May 3, 2011

jujunme: Posted June 8, 2011
In my opinion,since this program is returning for a 3rd season, i see no reason why it won't continue to attract a fairly large audience, especially those who have watched it on a regular basis.
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joined April 3, 2011

katfra: Posted June 9, 2011
maybe, been there, done that, but people like the drama still.
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joined April 28, 2011

edith132132: Posted June 10, 2011
A good show
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joined April 3, 2011

1495gwen: Posted June 11, 2011
i just dont think it will keep going stroies are good on one aspect but it beigns to be same old just different face
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joined April 27, 2011

Teresa: Posted June 13, 2011
i feel this movie will be good 3rd time around
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joined June 14, 2011

jfeiler: Posted June 14, 2011
I'll watch it!
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joined June 17, 2011

santapaws7119: Posted June 17, 2011
This will depress me after enjoying the 4th of July. (not taking any day of life for granted, so I pray to se it come to pass)
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joined June 17, 2011

ncgtfcathy: Posted June 17, 2011
I worked in a correctional facility for 26 years but still watched it alot although im very tired of seeing it as i think others are. too much of the same ol thing!
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joined April 28, 2011

rosemaryanna: Posted June 27, 2011
People generally like prison shows - especially men - and they are usually the ones controlling the remote
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joined June 28, 2011

tdemun: Posted June 28, 2011
If it has an avid audience then I see no reason why close to the same amount of viewers wouldn't tune in for another season
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joined July 4, 2011

skycode1: Posted July 4, 2011
Just don't think that this will be watched by many.
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joined June 29, 2011

tripaldi: Posted July 8, 2011
willing to give it a try