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How Many Will Watch the Premiere of "The Indestructibles" on National Geographic Channel?

Rating based on past performance: High
LATEST UPDATE: New series "The Indestructibles" premieres on National Geographic Channel on Sunday, July 10.
Description: In this new series from National Geographic Channel, you’ll get an up-front look how people can survive extreme brute force. From a helicopter crash to an SUV collision, you’ll get an inside look at lucky individuals who, at the right time, proved to be indestructible.
Your Task: Below is a description of an upcoming documentary to be shown on a cable network. Based on the description and past network performance, predict the size of the show’s audience for the premiere episode.
About The Show:
   • Show Status: New Series
   • Show Type: Reality / Documentary
   • Season: Summer
   • Air Date: Sunday, July 10, 2011
   • Regular Time: 10 pm
   • Duration: 60 Minutes
   • Network: National Geographic Channel
   • Cast: TBD
Range of Expectations: See below for past performance data at National Geographic Channel. Click here for a larger image.

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joined April 1, 2011

derni904: Posted June 16, 2011
this sounds interesting and different
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joined April 3, 2011

selimron: Posted June 16, 2011
I cannot receive the channel so I imagine many won'twatch.
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joined April 12, 2011

lindacampbell: Posted June 16, 2011
sounds too gruesome for me. No thanks. I predict 15-20 percent viewership.
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joined April 3, 2011

ssrferrs: Posted June 16, 2011
certainly not a typival NG tv shoe; but this reality show probably is factual
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joined April 3, 2011

rhirrel: Posted June 17, 2011
I think it will be a hit, due to the fact that scenes like this amount to miracles.
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joined June 17, 2011

santapaws7119: Posted June 17, 2011
I gotta see this one. The air time may prevent others from watching though. Everyone is not gifted with quick thinking in a situation. I can only see that the walker had more room behind him than in front, why not run away from verses into? I pray all involved are alive!!!!!
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joined June 17, 2011

ncgtfcathy: Posted June 17, 2011
omg! this is awful. my kids are never walking again. but this is what america likes to watch so im guessing high volume!
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joined April 3, 2011

sydneyh: Posted June 17, 2011
Not too sure about this show.
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joined April 20, 2011

jareisinger: Posted June 17, 2011
People like reality shows and I think this is a must. Maybe watching this show will make people more aware of their surroundings.Late Sunday evening is not a good time to watch for those who have to work. However I think it will be a hit for most.
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joined May 10, 2011

BLUETOVEN1: Posted June 17, 2011
different! it brings awareness, that you can make a difference in someone's life if you don't panic, and take the chance and help with using your natural instincts and not worry about being sued or getting into trouble. i think its good.
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joined April 28, 2011

nconroy: Posted June 17, 2011
Probably not watch. It is nor the type of thing I usually watch on National Giographic.
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joined April 24, 2011

loudsound: Posted June 17, 2011
Don't know how many get this channel it's not included in my package.
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joined April 2, 2011

V_airy: Posted June 18, 2011
I really don't like the premise of this show. It's just an excuse to watch horrific accidents, but in a documentary format. The preview keeps showing the accident over and over and over again. I know they guy survives, but that's not why people will watch. Sad.
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joined April 28, 2011

rosemaryanna: Posted June 18, 2011
Although it is a show people should watch, probably most won't. People seem to gravitate towards""stupid non-thinking" shows.
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joined April 14, 2011

jrzetah: Posted June 18, 2011
It'll be watched just for the shock value alone which so many people are drawn too. So I think it'll have a strong showing.
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joined April 14, 2011

MVKIRBY: Posted June 19, 2011
There are too many reality shows already, and there are several survival series on the cable channels. I don't think this series will do as well as expected.
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joined June 13, 2011

rickmeyer1: Posted June 19, 2011
more than 680,000 will watch if they have the chance
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joined June 27, 2011

munch20: Posted June 27, 2011
Sounds eccentric enough to be a hit
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joined April 1, 2011

octones: Posted June 29, 2011
Seems interesting and a neat concept. Gruesome? Sure. But life is gruesome. Everyone likes to see the "impossible" so this might do well.
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joined April 12, 2011

QueenAzura: Posted July 6, 2011
I eality don't think this will be a popular show, since there are so many reality shows on now.
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joined July 6, 2011

daveo: Posted July 6, 2011
sounds spectacular action packed with science to boot
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joined June 29, 2011

tripaldi: Posted July 8, 2011
will give it a chance
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joined June 1, 2011

dagilb66: Posted July 10, 2011
It looks very interesting to me.